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Fidelis SecureCare’s Standard Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug (MA-PD) Plans

Fidelis SecureCare’s Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP)

» Fidelis Secure Respect (HMO) Medicare Advantage-Prescription-Drug Plan

Fidelis Secure Respect (HMO) is designed especially for people who want quality healthcare and extra benefits without extra cost. There is no health-status requirement to join Secure Respect. You must simply be entitled to Medicare Part A and be enrolled in Medicare Part B .

» Fidelis Secure Liberty (Dual-Eligible SNP)  For People with Medicare and Medicaid

Fidelis Secure Liberty is a health plan is made just for individuals who live in the community that qualify for Medicare and receive financial assistance from Medicaid. This plan is available to individuals residing in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties in Michigan.

» Fidelis Secure Premier (HMO) Medicare-Advantage-Prescription Drug Plan

Fidelis Secure Premier (HMO) is designed especially for anyone enrolled in Medicare who wants lower co-pays and extra benefits original Medicare does not provide. LEARN MORE

» Fidelis Secure Comfort (Institutional-SNP) For People who live in a Nursing Facility

Fidelis Secure Comfort is a health plan health plan created to meet the special needs of people who live in a nursing facility or assisted living facility. LEARN MORE

» Fidelis Secure Freedom (Institutional-Community SNP) For People with Skilled Care Needs but Living at Home

Fidelis Secure Freedom is a health plan designed for people with complex and often disabling medical conditions, who still live at home, but would otherwise qualify to be in a nursing or assisted living facility.

Fidelis SecureCare’s Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug (HMO) plans cover the same services as Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) and can also offer extra benefits and services above that of Original Medicare, including Prescription Drug coverage. Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP) are a type of Medicare Advantage Plan Prescription Drug Plan (like an HMO).Medicare SNP’s limit enrollment to people with specific diseases (C-SNP) or those who live in an institution (I-SNP) or dual enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid (D-SNP).Fidelis SecureCare’s SNP’s offer benefits, providers and drugs that meet the specific needs of the people they serve.




If you have questions about any of our plans, please call Fidelis SecureCare at 1-855-402-4791. TTY users should call 711.

If you have Customer Service questions, please call Fidelis SecureCare Customer Service at 1-877-372-8085. TTY users should call 711 .

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